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When I wrote the song “Thank You, Thank You” on “The Journey YYC BNA” album, the inspiring sentiment was one of gratitude.  It is incredibly unusual to have a career in the Music Industry sustain for over 10 years, so after 25 years of touring and recording music, the privilege of being allowed to continue in this vocation is not lost on me.

A “North Star” principle on this tour was that the best journeys are those embarked upon with friends. 

You and your brand were valued partners on The Journey Tour.  Our values, plans, and timings all aligned at just the right time to allow us to cross this country together.  We moved hearts and minds, and inspired audiences.  People were given an evening of escape, and while they were entertained, they were also enlightened, educated, and exposed to businesses and movements which pursue excellence and quality, connection through community, and unity across the great nation of Canada.

Before I create anything, I always ask the question, “Does the world need this?”.  I truly believe that together we created content and campaigns which the world needs. It is a pleasure to partner with you.

Thank you for putting your trust in me and my team to tell the story of your brand while delivering a world-class entertainment experience to 58,000 Canadians, and millions on social and conventional media. 

Thank you, Thank you.


Yellow rose decals and info cards were given out to almost 2000 VIP guests to increase education and awareness for #NotInMyCity across 21 cities.


Paul Brandt wore a yellow #NIMC guitar strap at every stop of the tour, and his bandmates, supporting artist Jess Moskaluke and High Valley’s Curtis Rempel wore the yellow rose as Allies.

This video was created in collaboration with #NIMC to encourage concert fans to become Allies. The #NIMC brand reached almost 60,000 concert attendees across Canada.

we were able to connect with new allies.


We continued to build our relationship with MNP, and share the story of their partnership with #NIMC over the past 2 years.


Our longtime supporter Paul Brandt Trucking drove their 3 semitrucks across Canada with the yellow rose proudly displayed.

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On February 7th, we joined the global "End It Movement” by having Paul Brandt and The Journey Tour crew wear a red X and the yellow rose as Allies against trafficking.


In Oshawa, #NIMC founder Paul Brandt connected with global news and Durham Regional Police Service's Human Trafficking Unit to discuss trafficking in Canada.It is estimated that over 5 million viewers saw the interview

Posts using the hashtag #NotInMyCity gained 1.26 million total impressions on Twitter.


The Journey Tour Experience

Thank you for joining us
on The Journey Tour!