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My name is Paul, and I'm a tweet-a-holic.

 ("Hi Paul!")

So yes, I've been a bit quiet lately, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. etc., love 'em or hate 'em, they're here, and useful.   Like most things, there are pros and cons, and moderation can be a great tool to navigate the positives and the negatives.

I've been opting for more than a quick post and a limited number of characters.  The more characters, the better these days.

I like characters.

I've been diving deep, listening, and trying to swim in the river of information that is swirling around us all today.  I've been trying to remember that just because something isn't trending it doesn't mean it's not important to millions of people around the globe.

I've been asking more "What does the world need?"  and less "What does the world want?", and you know what?  It's been awesome. It's been re-focusing.  It's been refreshing. 

I've been creating, and re-creating.  Seems boredom is a great catalyst for creativity. 

Not that my friends are boring... that's not what I'm saying (if you're a close friend and offended, tweet or text me later); but I've been having a lot more face to face conversations.  I've been calling instead of texting.  I've been blogging instead of tweeting.  And I've been trying to let the quiet moments pass without checking my feed, updating my status, or posting a pic.  How analog of me, I know, but it's been a wonderful reminder of true community, and it's strength, challenges, healing properties, and privileges.  It's reminded me that I'm human, and so wonderfully, cannot actually be fit into a category or profile.  Shown me the online experience isn't as dimensional as reality.

When we put people into a profile, we inevitably write them off.  They become disposable, useable, and easier to ignore in certain circumstances.  They become commodities. 

Like you, and this is the only way I'm like you or anyone else; I'm unique. 

And eventually, I'm sure you'll see more tweets and pics and posts, and that's cool; sometimes everybody's busy, and they need others to get to the point.  All I'm saying is it's been nice to pick up the phone, or have a coffee, or go for a walk, and actually talk to a friend lately.  It's kind of shown me what the point of social media really could be.  Instead of replacing or counterfeiting community... it could be used to create true life giving, life-sustaining, positive community.  

And inevitably, when in true community, there are a lot of characters, with more to say, learn, and experience than the whole Internet could ever hold.